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If The Ladies of B&R Were TV Characters…

I watch entirely too much television. Like, a ridiculous amount. I’m not really a couch potato…some TV shows are just too good to pass up! So i wrote up a quick post about my friends and who they would be if they were current TV characters… Alayna: Hannah Horvath of Girls (2012) Hannah is 100% my favorite […]


I’m sure, by now, you’ve seen this hashtag (New York Fashion Week) used somewhere within in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. Or you’ve used it yourself. I haven’t been following Fashion Week religiously like some, but I do follow several magazines, celebrities, models and magazine editors that have been giving me insight into each […]

My Top 7 Beauty Essentials

I’m not much of a beauty connoisseur or makeup-all-the-time kind of girl, but I do have my favorites.  I’ve never done a beauty themed post before, but I finally found my most beloved mascara the other day after using a dried out tube for over a month, which led to writing inspiration. The picture below […]

Let’s Be Real

Last year was a pretty stellar one (except for a few hiccups) and I can only hope for 2014 to be better, if not equal. I’ve always had high standards and I definitely have a type A personality so I hold myself to those same standards, but sometimes I need to learn to be more realistic. For example, the goal I […]

What is Life?

If you can’t tell, we’ve all been pretty M.I.A. the past week or so due to Thanksgiving break and now dead week and finals, no to mention GRADUATION for Abbey. WHAT. So many apologies on our behalf, but let’s be real… you’re probably busy too. Anyways, I came across an incredible and drool-worthy recipe today […]

“What’s Your Snapchat?”

A question I hear and find myself asking quite often. It’s something I have mixed feelings about. Sometimes, it gives me the feeling of thrill. Other times, it’s terribly annoying. Hence the love/hate relationship I have with Snapchat. I don’t know why this topic hasn’t occurred to me sooner, but I’m ready to share my […]

What I Learned in New York City

I just got back from New York City on Sunday and I’m already dying to go back. I went with an organization called Magazine Interest Group within the journalism college at OU. There were 17 of us – all girls – including our advisor and yes, we all managed to stick together (pretty impressive if […]