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If The Ladies of B&R Were TV Characters…

I watch entirely too much television. Like, a ridiculous amount. I’m not really a couch potato…some TV shows are just too good to pass up! So i wrote up a quick post about my friends and who they would be if they were current TV characters… Alayna: Hannah Horvath of Girls (2012) Hannah is 100% my favorite […]

My Desert Island Disc

Before getting started with this post, I just wanted to come clean with you all – I’m semi-failing at my New Year’s Resolutions.  (Remember when I said I was gonna write more?  Oops.)  But that being said, I’m already having one hell of an amazing 2014, so I guess I’m doing something right. This week […]

Keep Going, Keep Going, Keep Going

I’ve never really been one to set New Year’s Resolutions, or any hard and fast goals for that matter.  I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of turned off by the idea of potentially limiting myself by setting goals or cutting things out of my life.  This goes for other things too, like the beginning […]

What is Life?

If you can’t tell, we’ve all been pretty M.I.A. the past week or so due to Thanksgiving break and now dead week and finals, no to mention GRADUATION for Abbey. WHAT. So many apologies on our behalf, but let’s be real… you’re probably busy too. Anyways, I came across an incredible and drool-worthy recipe today […]

Ten Things I Know To Be True

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about senior year, graduation, jobs, school, and freaking out about our futures here on Born & Raised, especially as we get closer to the end of the semester.  Right now we, along with our friends and peers, are preparing for huge changes in our lives. I think I speak […]

Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing? – Part 2

It’s officially November which means we’re all a month closer to graduating (excitement!/yikes!).  This also happens to be my last full month as a student at UT in Austin, so things are starting to get very, very real.  A few weeks ago, Alayna interviewed a fellow senior about internships, job searching, and how she’s preparing […]

Halloween Movies For Scaredy Cats

I love Halloween – the pumpkin, the colors, the introduction to fall, the dressing up, the spooky atmosphere, and did I mention the pumpkin?  Unfortunately, one thing I definitely don’t love is scary movies.  I’ve tried and tried to enjoy scary movies, but time and time again I find myself covering my eyes through the […]