Meet the Girls

6793_1888234375199_270491734_nAbbey. Red Raider. Advertising major. Right brained. My hobbies include silliness, awkward situations, finding good taco shops, and trying new things. I watch way too much TV and I speak in movie quotes. While I hope my career path takes me new and exciting places, Texas will always be my home.


Alayna. Also a Red Raider, but a Public Relations major. I love learning about new things, big and small, each day. My life motto is “Mabye” because I think it’s really good idea to try anything once. My goals for the school year are to graduate with honors and to find a job. My goal outside the classroom is to go on lots of fun adventures.

laurLaura. The lone (and always proud) Longhorn of the group. I’m a senior at UT pursuing a Radio-TV-Film degree, History minor, and certificate in Social Entrepreneurship and Non Profits, and also clearly have poor decision making skills. But I’m just too passionate about too many things to pick just one! I love being a Texan for many reasons (mostly because food and bragging rights), but my dream is to make it in LA, which is where I’ll be spending my final semester. My life goals include seeing my name in movie credits, learning to cook something besides macaroni and cheese, never having to wear a business suit, and perfecting the top-knot.

1186002_10200788973956289_441091311_nMarley. I’m a Sooner, but not one of those Sooner born, Sooner raised, Sooner dead ones. Still love ’em though. I chose OU for broadcast journalism, but changed my mind and switched to online journalism. I love writing and food so I hope to combine the two to take a different path with my degree. I plan to go to culinary school after graduation and maybe have my own cooking show one day. I’m pretty introverted and an old soul at heart, but I love being around close friends, running, a good glass of white wine… and I really like cats (don’t judge). I interned at D Magazine this past summer and would love to land a job there in the future because what I was doing was basically my dream job. Dallas is where my heart is.



  1. Shelley Carlson · · Reply

    This is really neat. I’ll be checking in regularly. (What’s a top-knot – some Texas thing)?
    Gramma Shelley

  2. Marita · · Reply

    This is pretty cool.

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