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Seniors: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

This week I have an update on both my New Year Resolutions  and the series we started last semester called Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing? So far this semester has been stressful. I don’t know why I waited to take two special topic courses at the same time as campaigns. Basically I’ve been working on […]

If The Ladies of B&R Were TV Characters…

I watch entirely too much television. Like, a ridiculous amount. I’m not really a couch potato…some TV shows are just too good to pass up! So i wrote up a quick post about my friends and who they would be if they were current TV characters… Alayna: Hannah Horvath of Girls (2012) Hannah is 100% my favorite […]

Let’s Be Real

Last year was a pretty stellar one (except for a few hiccups) and I can only hope for 2014 to be better, if not equal. I’ve always had high standards and I definitely have a type A personality so I hold myself to those same standards, but sometimes I need to learn to be more realistic. For example, the goal I […]

2014: Keeping My Head Above Water

So my college career is over. I just graduated. Wait, what? That can’t be right, I was a freshman yesterday. I guess I should face the hard truth: I DID graduate. Now what? 2013 was great. I interned in New York City, made pretty stellar grades, got my own Netflix account, and graduated from college […]

New Year Revolutions

New year, new me! Just kidding. This year I hope to maintain who I truly am as a person, but to build on the strong foundation I have and become a well-rounded version of myself. 2013 was seriously crazy and seriously amazing for me; I wouldn’t change one second of it, that’s for sure. Let’s […]

Keep Going, Keep Going, Keep Going

I’ve never really been one to set New Year’s Resolutions, or any hard and fast goals for that matter.  I’m not sure why, but I’m kind of turned off by the idea of potentially limiting myself by setting goals or cutting things out of my life.  This goes for other things too, like the beginning […]

The Struggles Of Being The Frumpy Friend (As Told By New Girl)

When guys come and talk to you it’s because they want to know if your friend is single Whenever you do meet a guy, it’s an extremely awkward situation That one time you landed a 10 and NO ONE WAS AROUND TO WITNESS. The only long-standing relationship you have is with your Netflix subscription And […]