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Seniors: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

This week I have an update on both my New Year Resolutions  and the series we started last semester called Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing? So far this semester has been stressful. I don’t know why I waited to take two special topic courses at the same time as campaigns. Basically I’ve been working on […]

Let’s Be Real

Last year was a pretty stellar one (except for a few hiccups) and I can only hope for 2014 to be better, if not equal. I’ve always had high standards and I definitely have a type A personality so I hold myself to those same standards, but sometimes I need to learn to be more realistic. For example, the goal I […]

New Year Revolutions

New year, new me! Just kidding. This year I hope to maintain who I truly am as a person, but to build on the strong foundation I have and become a well-rounded version of myself. 2013 was seriously crazy and seriously amazing for me; I wouldn’t change one second of it, that’s for sure. Let’s […]

Ten Things I Know To Be True

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about senior year, graduation, jobs, school, and freaking out about our futures here on Born & Raised, especially as we get closer to the end of the semester.  Right now we, along with our friends and peers, are preparing for huge changes in our lives. I think I speak […]

Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing? – Part 2

It’s officially November which means we’re all a month closer to graduating (excitement!/yikes!).  This also happens to be my last full month as a student at UT in Austin, so things are starting to get very, very real.  A few weeks ago, Alayna interviewed a fellow senior about internships, job searching, and how she’s preparing […]

18 Most Annoying Things About Being A College Senior

1. Endless stacks of job applications 2. Cover letters on cover letters on cover letters 3. Suddenly you get a reply e-mail from an employer, just to find out it’s an automatic response. 4. That horrible sinking feeling when you get an email that says “Thank you for applying, but we don’t have the right […]

8 Things NOT To Do While Studying

So I’ve literally spent my entire day studying. As a result, it explains why I am writing this post so late but I know I’m not the only one up right now who needs to study. Before I fall asleep (probably as soon as my head hits the pillow) I have a list of things […]