Seniors: We Don’t Know What We’re Doing

This week I have an update on both my New Year Resolutions  and the series we started last semester called Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing?

So far this semester has been stressful. I don’t know why I waited to take two special topic courses at the same time as campaigns. Basically I’ve been working on two communications plans for two separate nonprofits based in Lubbock. One I’m spending about 70% of my total effort on, the other about 20%, and the last 10% of my life is spent on my other two courses, job searching, working, and working out. And having fun…obviously.

What I've been doing all semester.

What I’ve been doing all semester.

So yes, I am unbalanced to say the least, but I am hopeful that I won’t crash and burn because I’m aware that it’s happening.

Get a big girl job by graduation.

Ohmygoshjobsearchingissohard. It’s just so time-consuming!! Which no one really warned me about. I can literally intend to search the web for jobs for only ONE hour and end up spending my three-hour shift at work browsing. Also, there are a lot less entry-level jobs available than I imagined so now I’m starting to check out internships.

It sounds so low, Oh I’ll be a college graduate I’m above internships. For a while that’s how I felt but I came down from that high horse so quick you better believe! I networked with some Tech alumnae in LA and NYC, and both suggested seeking internships for two reasons.

  • It’s a good way to get your foot in the door.
  • It buys more job search time.
Me toward people who already have post-grad figured out.

Me toward people who already have post-grad figured out.

Once I realized it bought me time to keep searching for paying jobs I realized internships are such a viable way to get going. Plus God is guiding me to web pages of many paid internships. He’s the man, man.

I’ve also gotten a lot of resume feedback this semester which is great. People have offered advice on formatting, wording, placement, and fonts. I love love love feedback! After seeking professional help I’ve turned that piece of paper into my own advertisement. Sure it’s not the most creative thing you’ve ever seen, but I’m maximizing space and not using Times New Roman. So suck it because I’m really proud of my resume. That’s one piece of advice I’d give to seniors: have a lot of people look at your resume and take their advice! But remember, it’s your resume so ultimately you’ve got to set it up in a way that pleases you.

Train for and run a half marathon.

Sadly this goal has to be postponed. After I got sick with an undiagnosed case of strep throat two weekends ago it became apparent that training, job searching, and school were putting a lot of stress on my mind and body. I honestly think I got sick because I was doing something nearly every second and never letting myself rest. Rest is so important and I learned this lesson the hard way; I spread myself thin and didn’t honor my body’s needs.

Run a marathon they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Could have been me.

After I realized I got sick because I was running my body ragged I did some serious thinking. It was decided that this goal is something I really do want to accomplish and I will have time do it this year. Just not right now; not while I have so many demanding things going on. School comes first this semester.

Graduate with honors.

I’m doing okay? I’ve been trying to stay current on class readings but it’s just so easy to get home and say, Nope—time to sit here for an hour and relax. Although, I have channeled my inner study nerd and actually used my textbooks and notes to prepare for exams. (I still think it’s so weird that all tests are called exams in college…) I need to get myself together though; there’s a lot of semester left and I really can’t afford to have a mid-semester academic breakdown.

My assessment of the year so far: average. I find it easy to get overwhelmed by school and job searching which makes me moodier than usual. I need to step it up with the studying but that’s old news. I was mentally unprepared for everything I’m dealing with this semester. I guess that’s part of growing up though. You can network and ask as many questions as you want, but life is pretty much like your resume—experience is all that gets you through.

Thank you, Google.

So this weekend I’ll be spending time searching for the next few jobs I want to apply for, studying for a Wednesday exam, and upping my dedication to my second communication plan. I’m stressed as hell and want other stressed out seniors to know they’re not alone. United we stand! Although I hope I get the job over you…nothing personal.

Give me some feedback! Are you a senior in college? What’s stressing you out this semester? Have you found solid job leads? Are you even applying yet?!

Leave me some comments; let’s cry together and then get back to kicking this final semester in the ass.




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  1. Old Lady ...tx · · Reply

    Wow – stumbled in without any preconceived ideas as to what I was getting into and I must say – this is some really impressive stuff – you are not only an excellent communicator – but, you have also made me laugh, cry and make strange faces – I am DYING to see your resume – maybe you will take time to share this with me sometime – and being quite uncertain as to ” After seeking professional help …” really means 😉 – I realize that you are one cool chick with most everything more together than you are aware of. You WILL find that ultimate job – but, be careful that you get a good outline of what they are seeking – kind of a “buyer beware” moment as todays job market expects you to STAY overwhelmed in some case and excell at others – I reccomend the latter of the two so you can do what you love and love what you do – remember this is NOT a race. I wish that I had met you 4 years ago because I would have loved to know that young crazy girl before you grew into this highly intellectual woman with your stuff together! – well so much for my rambling on at this point – always remamber the Old Lady in Texas – got it ? Look forward to your contunied progress you make me hopeful and proud – Ciao !

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