I’m sure, by now, you’ve seen this hashtag (New York Fashion Week) used somewhere within in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. Or you’ve used it yourself. I haven’t been following Fashion Week religiously like some, but I do follow several magazines, celebrities, models and magazine editors that have been giving me insight into each day of Fashion Week so I thought I’d share what I’ve come across.

Just this morning I found a fun quiz from Who What Wear to figure out what your fashion personality. I got the “trendy techie.” Not sure if it really fits me, but I’m a big fan of quizzes like these (BuzzFeed’s are my fav) and I like the outfit on the left.

quiz2 quiz

Another great link that will come in handy during this week is Harpers Bazaar’s “How to Pronounce Designer Names 101.” There’s also a part two. I mean does anyone really know how to correctly pronounce Ermenegildo Zegna or Bibhu Mohapatra on their first try? Not me. This useful link will guarantee you can impress some friends by easily spitting out these names.

A great fashionista to follow on Instagram is Eva Chen, the editor-in-chief of Lucky. She’s always posting the most fashionable accessories and outfits, not to mention that she pretty much gets to go to any event of fashion week that she wants. Below are a couple of her latest posts.

IMG_0016 IMG_0017

I also recommend following @glamourmag, @voguemagazine, and of course just searching for the hashtag #NYFW. I also follow Lo Bosworth and Courtney Kerr on Instagram and they have posted a few pictures/videos with #NYFW.

Also, there is a schedule with all the details of fashion week if you’re interested in searching for a particular designer. And if you haven’t heard of Refinery29, it’s definitely a go-to site for all the latest info on fashion trends. One trend that caught my eye was shared by a friend on Facebook: the reverse cat-eye liner. I kinda like it and might have to try it out sometime.

Like I said I don’t follow fashion week as much as some, but it is fun to see Instagram pics of what is up and coming in fashion. And don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be there one day. Until then, share what you’ve found regarding #NYFW with us in the comments below. We’d love new input or other fun links to check out!



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