My Top 7 Beauty Essentials

I’m not much of a beauty connoisseur or makeup-all-the-time kind of girl, but I do have my favorites.  I’ve never done a beauty themed post before, but I finally found my most beloved mascara the other day after using a dried out tube for over a month, which led to writing inspiration. The picture below includes the seven items (I grouped the Simple wipes as one and the tools – the dry mascara wand and tweezers – as one also) that I consider essential.


#1 essential: Clinique’s “all about eyes concealer” in Light Golden (02). I’ve used this same concealer since I first learned about doing my own makeup (my mom and I are big Clinique fans). Since I have a more olive undertone to my skin, dark circles can be quite the drag for me. However, this concealer helps brighten up my eyes on days when I’m feeling and especially looking extra tired. I also use this same concealer to cover up blemishes and any other spots that shouldn’t be seen in the all-revealing natural sunlight.


#2 essential: Philosophy’s “the supernatural” (airbrushed canvas SPF 15) in medium beige. This airbrushed canvas (so fancy – I love it) for my face does wonders and it’s lasted me a surprisingly long time. I use a big powder brush to apply this foundation and it perfectly evens out my skin tone.

It never appears cake-y like some foundations can do and it doesn’t make my skin look shiny or oily. I know some of you might prefer liquid foundation, but that just screams clogged pores to me so if you even decide to switch it up, I highly recommend Philosophy (another one of my favorite brands).


#3 essential: NARS “The Multiple” in Orgasm. I swear this stick has lasted since high school and it’s just now getting down to the bare minimum, yet I’m still using it and probably will for another month before I decide it’s time to get more. The Multiple can be used in multiple ways (hence the name) whether it’s on your cheeks, lips and/or eyes. I choose to use it as blush so just on my cheeks and it gives just the right amount of sheer and shiny blushed color. It’s also super easy to apply – I just use my finger to blend it.


#4 essential: Too Faced “Natural Eye Palette“. I don’t always use eye shadow, but when I do, I prefer Too Faced (sound familiar? lol). I received this palette two Christmases ago (2012) and I use it every time I wear eyeshadow even if it’s just the “Heaven” color as a base. It’s not hard to tell which ones are my favorite, but I do use them all – it just depends on the occasion. Also, it might be hard to tell in the picture, but there are little pullout cards that you can use to create specific looks: day, classic and fashion.


#5 essential: L’oreal Paris “Telescopic Original Mascara” in Blackest Black. I am super particular about my eyelashes. They are the key component of my overall makeup appearance, which explains why I’m so picky about the mascara that I choose. And believe me, I have tried many many different mascaras, but this one is by FAR my favorite. I like my eyelashes to look long, neat and separated, but still full at the same time. After a couple coats of this baby, they turn out just how I like. Preferences on mascara vary from woman to woman, but if you’re looking for what I like, Telescopic is your new best friend.


#6 essential: Simple Skincare Wipes. The two in the picture are the ones I currently have, but I love them all. Even Troy likes to use them – he’s actually the one that got me on board with Simple so this product is great for men too. Simple came out with their eye make-up remover pads pretty recently and they’re great. They’re just the right size and won’t burn your eyes, unlike some wipes. I also like to use the cleansing or exfoliating wipes for the rest of my face at night or even when I wake up in the morning. They’re refreshing, quick and easy to use. Now I do wash my face (I use Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser – another great product), but sometimes I’m just too lazy and these wipes are perfect!


#7 essential: My essential beauty tools: tweezers and a dry mascara wand as a brow brush. Tweezers are pretty obvi, but I really like Revlon “Expert Tweezers“. I also highly recommend a brow brush, which you can make yourself. I stole mine from my mom, but all you have to do is wash and dry an old mascara wand and you’ve got a DIY beauty tool. I know some also use toothbrushes, but the mascara wands are just the right size.

Most of these products can be found at any drugstore (mascara, tweezers and face wipes). I prefer CVS because they have a beauty club that you can sign up for and get discounts on future purchases. However, the Clinique, Philosophy, NARS and Too Faced products can be found at department stores or Sephora, of course. These aren’t suuuper pricey, but if they are a bit above what you’d like to spend, I promise they’re worth it.

I hope you feel inclined to try one or more of these products and enjoy them as much as I do. If you do, please comment below and let me know what you think. Also, feel free to share some of your favorite beauty products with us!



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