5 Amazing Cocktails You Can Find In Dallas

1. Gloria’s: Flavored Bacardi Skinny Mojito

In addition to the delicious food at Gloria’s, they make a killer flavored mojito. They have strawberry and mango flavors, but if you’re boring and only like a straightforward mojito, then they have that too. The mint is so fresh it practically clears your sinuses. I highly recommend the mango one, but the strawberry is just as good. On Wednesdays during happy hour they are half priced! *High-fiving a million angels*

Ingredients: Bacardi Superior Rum, mango syrup, club soda, fresh mint leaves, club soda, and limes.

Price: $9

Where: Several locations in the Dallas area.

2. Ocean Prime: Berries and Bubbles Cocktail

This drink bubbles and smokes–how fun, right?! This cocktail is delicious blend of many fruity flavors, and each one is made with fresh berries. It’s especially fun to order this for someone who has never had it before. Ocean Prime also has several other interesting cocktails to choose from. See the menu here.

Ingredients: Belvedere Citrus Vodka, marinated blackberries, house-made sour, and Domain Chandon Brut.

Price: $14

Where: Uptown Dallas, 2101 Cedar Springs Rd

3. Saint Ann’s: Plaid Skirt

Formerly a Catholic school, Saint Ann’s was built in 1927 and has since been converted into a restaurant and bar with many interesting cocktails and entrees. This cocktail is fun and tasty, and albeit, slightly nostalgic of my plaid skirt wearing days. Also, it’s under 120 calories–heck yeah!

Ingredients: New Amsterdam Red Berry, fresh lime, raspberries

Price: $10

Where: 2501 N. Harwood St

4. The People’s Last Stand: Oxaca at Night

It has some crap in it that I’ve never heard of before, but it doesn’t matter because it tastes amazing. If you don’t like pomegranate flavored things then there is something wrong with you. Also, look how pretty?! This place has even prettier cocktails to choose from–see the menu here

Ingredients: Mescal, Fernet Branca, lime, agave, and pomegranate juice.

Price: $11

Where: 5319 Mockingbird Ln

5. The Woolworth: Rhymes With Orange

A friend says: “This will make you never want to drink screwdrivers again. It takes vodka and orange juice to a whole other level. It really is a perfect blend of all the ingredients. The Woolworth is a fun place to go to, with lots of other (cheaper) cocktail options.”

Ingredients: Two muddled oranges, St. Germain, sugar, Absolut Citron, club soda, and orange juice.

Price: $12

Where: 1520 Elm St #201

Stay thirsty my friends,



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