So Tell Me About Yourself

Do you know your true self?

Do you gain energy while around people? Are you able to live in the moment? Is your decision making ruled by emotions? Are you always on time?

These are some of the easiest questions to ask when determining someone’s MBTI. MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, developed the test during World War II as a way to help women decide what war-time jobs would be best for them and to integrate veterans back into mainstream society. They based it off the work and studies of Carl Jung, who proposed that there are four main psychological functions people experience and live by: thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition.


What I’ve also discovered is that the test is better suited for Westernized societies. For example, some societies experience things like communal guilt or communal joy; this test isn’t geared toward those people.

Of course this is all really simplified background information…I don’t have the time or energy to go full on research mode.

So what’s the point and purpose of all this? To find out whom you are! I fell in love with the MBTI because it resonates so true to whom I am at my core. Sure the information is generalized, but that’s okay because it has to service a HUGE population. The things I’ve discovered researching types are insane. The test is actually really comprehensive which makes it spot on. And the best part is that once you’ve been typed you learn so much about yourself. Things you didn’t even realize like how you engage with other people or how important values are to you versus logic.

typical ENFP

So let’s do the unlicensed, but still pretty reliable CMBTI (Chabot Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)!

  1. Do you gain energy/recharge your personal battery when you’re around people or when you’re alone?
    • If you gain energy around others you’re probably an Extravert
    • If you recharge by spending time alone you’re probably an Introvert
  2. Are you able to live in the present moment or do you often find yourself daydreaming about the future?
    • If you live in the moment you’re likely a Sensor
    • If you daydream about the future you’re likely an iNtuitive
  3. When making a decision do you base it off logic and facts or off your value system? Are you ruled by logic or emotions?
    • If logic rules your world you might be a Thinker
    • If emotions influence your decisions you might be a Feeler
  4. Are you usually on time or running late? Do you prefer to make lists or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
    1. If you’re usually on time and love lists you’re probably a Judger
    2. If you’re late and leave your options open you’re probably a Perceiver

Put your picks together and you have your type. Do some research online and check it out (some of my favorite websites are below), see if you got it right the first time or if you need to explore another type. It’s ok to change letters, that way you really find your right type. This test is great because it’s easy to decide your type on your own; you know the true version of yourself, how you tick and what you believe.


But I will say this: The MBTI is not you, you are the MBTI. It merely describes and hashes out some of your basic personal systems, but you’re an individual. Just because Judgers like to be on time doesn’t mean a Perceiver won’t show up on time for a meeting or class. And just because another Introvert really loves to spend time alone doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy spending a lot of time with others.

Take your results with a grain of salt because you are most definitely still an individual. Learn how you tick and use it to your advantage. There are exceptions to every rule so your description may not describe how you act 24/7. Also, please remember that no type is greater or better than any other and their are no “bad” types–we need each type to keep balance in the world.

By now you might be curious what type I am…and I will simply tell you that I am INFP—The Idealist. Here’s an example many people are familiar with…


Some of my favorite websites:

And here’s an article that was posted last year on Huffington Post

So what do you think about MBTI? Do you think it’s cool and useful or a load of crap?  Leave us a comment and tell us what type you are and if you think it fits your personality!!





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    1. so cool!! have you taken a certified test or guessing? no hate on guessing i did for like 6 months lol

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