2014: Keeping My Head Above Water

So my college career is over. I just graduated. Wait, what? That can’t be right, I was a freshman yesterday. I guess I should face the hard truth: I DID graduate. Now what?

2013 was great. I interned in New York City, made pretty stellar grades, got my own Netflix account, and graduated from college after three and a half years. Even though 2013 was great, I am so looking forward to 2014. I’ve tied in some goals with my reasons why 2014 is going to be awesome. I’ve set some goals for myself for this year, and I am careful to say “goals” not resolutions. I don’t know what it is about the word “resolution” but it is evil and keeps people from accomplishing them. But goals, people reach.

Here is why 2014 is going to rock:

I will get my first job

My year may start out with an internship, but I know that will lead to a kick ass job. The job hunting process has been trying–it’s been a hard fight but I know things will turn around, I just gotta stay positive.

Goal: Have a job or an internship starting this spring.

I will be on my own for the very first time


Goal: To not die.

I will own my first apartment

I get to have a tiny apartment, in a shady part of town, with neighbors that sell knock off handbags and pirated DVDs! And it’s mine, all mine!

Goal: To move out of my parents house by summer (but really hopefully a lot sooner).

Get to know the city that I’m living in

Whether I’ll be here in Dallas, or on the east or west coast, I want to know the city that I end up in inside and out. I want to explore and meet new people and really become a part of the culture.

Goal: Do something new every month.

Happy 2014 everyone, I hope it’s great for everyone!



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