New Year Revolutions

New year, new me!

Just kidding. This year I hope to maintain who I truly am as a person, but to build on the strong foundation I have and become a well-rounded version of myself. 2013 was seriously crazy and seriously amazing for me; I wouldn’t change one second of it, that’s for sure.

Let’s see…a few things I managed to accomplish: completing all the hours for my minor, completing an internship in Los Angeles, finding out that I’m super passionate about MBTI, and generally surviving and thriving in school.

As far as New Year’s Revolutions Resolutions I have a few hard ones that I’ve set for myself.
1. Get a big girl job by graduation.
Tough but doable. I’ll have to network with family (shameless, they have jobs and know stuff too!) and other alumni from Tech. My motto may as well be “Twerkin’ for a job.”
2. Train for and run a half marathon.
I can’t lie to you guys. I got a little off track with my exercise. But one thing that remained the same was how much I love running. So I figure, go (kind of) big! I don’t think I can hang on a full marathon yet, but this is a big goal, so I’m going for it!
3. Graduate with honors.
I think it’s hard to graduate with honors; I want this purely for myself, so I always have proof of how smart I am.

That list is obviously not very long. I’m trying to be realistic with myself, so I set short term goals—as in they will expire, probably, before June. I will know by then whether I have a company that thinks I’m worth money and will also know if I can be *mostly* studious and graduate with a 3.5 GPA. (Throw in your advice about GPA not really mattering but I don’t care. For a while employers might care about it and about how I was as a student because that’s the only evidence they have of my performance outside of resume stuff.)

So I decided that along the way I have other things I was to accomplish:
1. Read at least one new book per month.
My mom got me a calendar with a list of books each month…how much easier can it get?
2. Don’t gossip unless it’s positive.
I’m always trying to eliminate negativity from my life and gossiping is the easiest way to do so. This is going to be hard at first, but as with anything: Practice makes perfect.
3. Write more letters to my parents.
Snail mail is still cool!!!! Plus, sometimes it’s easier for me to express myself through the written word.
4. Make every memory with Allie and Jordan that I possibly can.
I live with my besties and won’t after May. I want to cherish this time and be smart/stupid/silly/crazy/annoying with them as much as possible.
5. Use yoga class to center myself and learn to control my mind.
My mind is always running wild, thinking of future possibilities and, on occasion, stuff I make up. Being able to quiet myself will prove useful.

Namaste, bitches

Namaste, bitches

As you can see, the year ahead of me is looking pretty full. However, I truly think I’ve been realistic with myself. So this is the year of “doing” for me. Who knows what will come up or go down, but it’s going to be a fun ride.

Now tell me, what are your goals? Do you have a plan to achieve/accomplish them?

Good luck, dear reader, and have a great apple and sandwich! Okay that’s a She’s The Man quote…it’s time for me to go. Have a great New Year! Celebrate till school or work starts!




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  1. Great story! Very inspirational. You rock!

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