The Struggles Of Being The Frumpy Friend (As Told By New Girl)

When guys come and talk to you it’s because they want to know if your friend is single

Whenever you do meet a guy, it’s an extremely awkward situation

That one time you landed a 10 and NO ONE WAS AROUND TO WITNESS.

The only long-standing relationship you have is with your Netflix subscription

And food. Sweet, delicious food.

Whenever all your friends are talking about their significant others and you’re like…

You have to think of reasons why your friend “isn’t looking for a relationship right now”

Whenever you go to the gym with your friends, their making so much progress and you still have to say your prayers before you put your jeans on

You’re not so smooth with the opposite sex…

Unfortunately, you can’t pull off the same clothes as your friends

When you dance next to your friends you look something like this:

You can assume that the guy making eyes at you at the bar, is in fact, not making eyes at you

But usually in the end if a guy sticks around it’s because he’s attracted to you, AND he likes you’re personality, which I think is the real winner.

Peace, Love, and PUPPY….IN A CUP…



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