Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Let’s get this out of the way first: Talking about sex is really, really fun and you know it. Sex is easily the most controversial thing people talk about. Whether you agree, disagree, or are taking notes during the discussion, talking about sex is controversial. And that’s why we like it.

Girls and boys my age are infatuated with sex. Quite honestly my friends and I talk about it at least once a day. We see it on TV and hear about it in music; there’s no escaping it! By the time people reach their early 20s they have some experience and I think once they’re in college, people have their own sexual revolution. This is when “numbers” start going up, people discover likes and dislikes, and everyone collects their stories.

And because we are all human, we are curious. What does he think of my body? Does she like that? Do other people do this or is it too weird? The great part about this is that things other than sex are sexual too; don’t tell me you don’t remember 2nd base! (Also: did we ever come together and agree on what the bases are?) We like to talk about other stuff to, read: Why is he using so much tongue?!


So here, world, are a few sexual opinions of a 22 year-old girl.

I care about your number but only out of curiosity. Everyone has a number and I just want to know what yours is because that’s how I can gauge your experience level in comparison with mine.

One great experience can ruin it until something better comes along. Over the summer I gained really good experience. My most useful and pleasurable experience to date, actually. Since then I’ve had time to think about what I liked and learned, and now I’m waiting for someone worthy of my new skills.

Girls are thinkers and you need to accept this. Please humor us and discuss that thing for the 53rd time. It will give your girl peace of mind, thus allowing her to act like her amazing self. If you listen to us it will make us more likely to listen to you too.

Attention from boys is really awesome. But if you decide it’s the only thing you want you’re screwed and will literally lose all your friends. If you ditch them what makes you think they’ll wait around and accept you back? Do NOT forget to spend time gossiping about your new guy with them, and also because you need to know what they’re up to.

I really don’t care about Call of Duty but because I like you I’ll watch you play. If I really like you I might even play with you. Please don’t get your hopes up though, because it’ll probably last for two games…max. This applies to most hobbies guys have: I will hate it until it’s been forced upon me enough times that I’m semi-interested.

I want to look hot in the morning but I really don’t want to wear mascara to bed. It’s your loss until I’ve brushed my teeth, but at least you’ll know what my real face looks like. You’re welcome.

Only good kissers need apply. If our lips can’t tango, sorry but bye. You need to practice on someone else.

I have also learned that it’s important to try things with your significant other. One time a guy asked if I would do something I had NEVER considered, but because he asked I tried it. Because I was open about trying it the experience ended up being a really good one. You have to give and take, and ladies PLEASE remember to take.

Until my next man comes along, I will continue gathering stories and improving the lives of a few lucky men. I will also be honest here and admit that I will tell my best friends everything. I will  ask their opinions without hesitation and tell them about the time you farted while we were making out. Don’t take it personally because I know you told your boys about the time I cried because we watched World War Z instead of Sex and the City.

sex 2

No matter what level of intimacy you’re at in life, remember that it’s supposed to be fun. Don’t be pressured into anything and if you’re interested in trying something new just ask! Guys and girls are both sexual beings, don’t be embarrassed to try a new technique because your partner might end up enjoying the experience. They will at the very least admire your effort to try something new. Worst case scenario it hurts (or you or your girl gets pregnant…awkward).

Now I want to know: What do you think about sex? Leave a comment and tell me something you know for sure or have been pondering for a while.




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  1. I definitely think it’s important to be open about sex and intimacy with your significant other, but I think it’s more important to be honest with yourself. Over the years I’ve changed dramatically from what I once was and I think a big part of that was realizing what makes me happy and what makes me feel empty. And the things that made me feel empty were mostly boys who didn’t value my happiness certainly didn’t respect me. Girls gotta make sure they’re respected above all things! Ain’t nobody got time fo playas. Great post Alayna!

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