10 Reasons Pinterest is the Best Website Ever

1. The Humor board is actually funny

britney and justinfunny 1lol

2. Everyone is totally obsessed with the Women’s Fashion board

fashion 1fashion 3fashion 5

3. There is literally always new stuff you can look at

kim k crying pillowrandom 1 random 24. You’ll never go hungry again thanks to the Food & Drink board



5. The Health & Fitness board will make you not fat (or at least make you wish you were working out)

that assfitness 2 fitness 3

6. Girls everywhere will never run out of inspiration thanks to the Quotes

quote 1 quote 2 quote 3

7. You can look at cute dogs AND cats on the Animals board

animals 1 animals 3 animals 2

8. You can learn random, weird, and useful facts

roadtripsfact 1 fact 2

9. Sorority girls go crazy

sor 1 sor 2 sor 3

10. Did I mention how desperately I want my Fashion Board to magically appear in my closet?

fash 1 fash 2 fash 3





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