Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing? – Part 2

It’s officially November which means we’re all a month closer to graduating (excitement!/yikes!).  This also happens to be my last full month as a student at UT in Austin, so things are starting to get very, very real.  A few weeks ago, Alayna interviewed a fellow senior about internships, job searching, and how she’s preparing for the real world.  We really liked this idea as we’re all in the same boat, so this week I talked to another senior about this time in our lives as we continue to try to find out if us seniors even know what we’re doing (hint: we don’t).

Eddie Camacho is a senior Advertising student at the University of Texas, and an incredibly talented one at that.  He’ll be graduating in May and (fingers crossed) joining me in LA (or somewhere equally as exciting) upon landing his dream job at a super hip ad agency or shop or wherever art directors go.


What is your major?

Advertising, Texas Creative Sequence.

Why did you choose it?

In high school I had a major crisis and realized I couldn’t go to art school because I didn’t have a portfolio or the technical training to apply to the programs that I wanted to go to. So one day, by the graces of the Internet, I found the Texas Creative sequence at UT and was really interested in art direction. Basically, you get to be creative and artistic but it focuses more on strategy and implementation rather than just the aesthetic quality of the work.

How are your classes and professors preparing you for the real world?

The general classes we have to take for advertising give you an overall education and introduction to how life will be like in the “industry,” as it’s ubiquitously known as. So we take business classes and other classes that span several areas of the advertising world. In Texas Creative, specifically, we take portfolio classes and work with our professors to build and shape our portfolios so that we have work to show employers when (and if) we graduate from the program. We’re pretty lucky because some people don’t have portfolios straight out of college.

Are internships important in your field?

Internships are extremely crucial in the advertising world. They help build experience and are important because there really isn’t any other way to know what it’s like to work in industry. All of our professors stress the importance of internships because, unlike other majors and industries, having an internship in an advertising agency is real world experience.

Have you had an internship?

I haven’t had an internship at an agency *cries* but I have a design and marketing job that’s within the field I want to end up in.

If so, was it beneficial?

I luv my job so all is good. Experience is always beneficial and it beats working at McDonald’s.

Is the application process for advertising internships competitive?

In Austin it is quite competitive. Everyone wants to work at the same big agencies so a bunch of people apply for the 3 open positions they have every semester. This stresses the importance of networking and putting yourself out there or else you’re gonna sink.

What is your dream job?

I would love to work on music artist branding from a design perspective. So, making album artwork and campaigns, etc etc etc.

Do you think you’ll achieve it one day?

I think so. Knowing what you want to do is in some ways the hardest part. After that you know where you’re going so it’s just solidifying the steps to getting there. That’s part of the reason why I may end up moving to LA after I graduate. (ps Laura don’t h8 me if I end up in Chicago lol).

What is your biggest fear/concern about applying for jobs and entering the workforce?

Literally it’s so intimidating that every time I have to think about the real world I have an anxiety attack like the one I’m having now answering these questions. It’s always intimidating entering a workforce or industry because you don’t know anyone or really how anything works.

Overall, do you feel ready for this next step? Why or why not?

I think so. I’ve been building up my portfolio and my program has taught me how to think conceptually, which can be applied to a lot of different areas. Now I just need employers to realize how awesome I am and start giving me those dolla bill$.

So, do you even know what you’re doing?

As a senior I feel like I have my stuff relatively together, but I’m still unsure about the future. I mean, I have my resume and business cards printed but that doesn’t mean anyone cares. At this point it’s about taking the initiative and going after what you want because nobody else is gonna do it for you.

I hope you enjoyed what Eddie had to say about senior year and all the pressures and preparations that come with it.  If you’re a senior and would like to talk about your experiences/concerns/plans (or lack-thereof) on “Do Seniors Even Know What They’re Doing?” (we’re working on a catchier title, bear with us), let us know in the comments or tweet us @born_raisedTX!

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    Laura, read your last sentence and see if you catch the error. Grammar Shelley strikes again!

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