Monthly Archives: November 2013

“What’s Your Snapchat?”

A question I hear and find myself asking quite often. It’s something I have mixed feelings about. Sometimes, it gives me the feeling of thrill. Other times, it’s terribly annoying. Hence the love/hate relationship I have with Snapchat. I don’t know why this topic hasn’t occurred to me sooner, but I’m ready to share my […]

The Struggles Of Being The Frumpy Friend (As Told By New Girl)

When guys come and talk to you it’s because they want to know if your friend is single Whenever you do meet a guy, it’s an extremely awkward situation That one time you landed a 10 and NO ONE WAS AROUND TO WITNESS. The only long-standing relationship you have is with your Netflix subscription And […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Let’s get this out of the way first: Talking about sex is really, really fun and you know it. Sex is easily the most controversial thing people talk about. Whether you agree, disagree, or are taking notes during the discussion, talking about sex is controversial. And that’s why we like it. Girls and boys my […]

What I Learned in New York City

I just got back from New York City on Sunday and I’m already dying to go back. I went with an organization called Magazine Interest Group within the journalism college at OU. There were 17 of us – all girls – including our advisor and yes, we all managed to stick together (pretty impressive if […]

Ten Things I Know To Be True

Lately we’ve been talking a lot about senior year, graduation, jobs, school, and freaking out about our futures here on Born & Raised, especially as we get closer to the end of the semester.  Right now we, along with our friends and peers, are preparing for huge changes in our lives. I think I speak […]

Your Horoscope As Told By Mustaches

Aries (March 21-April 19): The Hulk Hogan Handlebar You are strong and sturdy. You can be impatient at times, but you know what you want and you won’t stop until you get there. You march to the beat of your own drum, and anyone who can’t handle that can get the hell out of your […]

10 Reasons Pinterest is the Best Website Ever

1. The Humor board is actually funny 2. Everyone is totally obsessed with the Women’s Fashion board 3. There is literally always new stuff you can look at 4. You’ll never go hungry again thanks to the Food & Drink board 5. The Health & Fitness board will make you not fat (or at least make you wish you were working out) 6. […]