18 Most Annoying Things About Being A College Senior

1. Endless stacks of job applications


2. Cover letters on cover letters on cover letters


3. Suddenly you get a reply e-mail from an employer, just to find out it’s an automatic response.


4. That horrible sinking feeling when you get an email that says “Thank you for applying, but we don’t have the right role open for you right now”


5. Re-reading your résumé so many times you could recite it word for word

6. Proof reading so many things that your eyes feel like they’re going to start bleeding


7. The stress of the future keeps you up at night


8. You’re so tired during the day from not sleeping that all you can think about is going home and taking a nap

9. People constantly tell you that they’re sure you’ll get a lead soon


10. Every time you see one of your friends post about getting a “big person” job you die a little inside


11. It takes everything you have to go to class (to sign the attendance sheet and leave)


12. People keep congratulating you on your impending graduation and then ask you if you have a job lined up and you’re running out of creative ways to say “no”


13. Every time you find the perfect job opening and read the description and then see the fateful words “5 years experience required”


14. You’re in all your upper level classes, so that same annoying person is in every. Single. Class.


15. You seriously consider grad school if it means you can avoid the real world for a few more years


16. But at the same time you are SO READY TO GET OUT

17. Your teachers that you’ve had for other classes think you still care about school

18. Thinking you have plenty of time to apply for jobs, then suddenly graduation is less than 8 weeks away


7 more weeks and this college senior is OUT




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