How To Paleo (Without Stressing Yourself Out)

In a week I will hit the three month mark of being on the Paleo diet (but it seems A LOT longer). Three months ago I gave up carbs, dairy, soft drinks, and sweets (…mostly sweets). I started the diet because I could stand to lose a few pounds, but the aim was really to improve my diet. Apparently binge eating carbs isn’t good for you? Anyways, I read about it and decided I would do it and I am going to try to stay on it until I feel confident enough in my eating habits that I can start eating the other things again. At first when I started the diet, it stressed me out a little bit. It seemed like there were so many foods on the no list that I had no idea what I was going to eat! But after three months, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks for people who are new to the diet.


This Paleo tortilla soup recipe makes a TON! And it’s delicious both hot and cold! Find the recipe at

A lot of Paleo recipes require a lot of cooking, so make things easier on yourself and make the recommended serving amount.

The majority of the recipes I come across make 2-4 servings (do they not know some people are single?!), so for a while I was cutting down the recipes to make enough for me. But cooking can be exhausting and sometimes I just don’t have the time. So I started to make the amount on the recipe, and boom I have lunch and sometimes dinner for the next day.

The lazy chef’s Paleo pasta–grated squash and zucchini!

Paleo has introduced me to quite a few foods that I have never eaten before, like spaghetti squash, aka Paleo pasta. But it takes a while sometimes; you have to cut it, then bake it, then shred it. So when I don’t have time (or want to save some $$) I just take a cheese grater and shred some squash and zucchini and toss it into a pan on the stove, and there you have it, some tasty “pasta noodles.”

The lazy chef’s rice–ground up cauliflower

So easy, and it makes a great side or you can toss it in with some shrimp and veggies and make it a stir-fry. All you do is break up some cauliflower into florets, put them in a food processor or vegetable grinder until it becomes a rice-like consistency. Toss it into a pot on the stove with some water, garlic powder, cilantro, and lime and then you have some delicious rice!

There are Paleo recipes outside of Paleo blogging sites

One of my favorite Paleo sites is PaleOMG, it’s really quite awesome. However for a while I was only making recipes off of these blogging sites and I didn’t always have the ingredients, and that’s annoying. But you can still go through recipes on Pinterest or Cooking Light and substitute foods you can eat.


Another delicious paleOMG recipe: breakfast hash with an egg over medium, chopped avocado, and a side of blueberries!

Substituting olive oil

A lot of Paleo specific recipes call for animal fat and avocado oil, and coconut oil, and all these oils. Dude, you can use olive oil and it all tastes just the same.

Don’t be THAT person when you go out to eat…

We all have that one friend who orders a salad when you go out to a steak place. When going out to restaurants it’s nearly impossible to find something that is 100% Paleo. You’re gonna look like an idiot when you try to order a burger and say “oh, and hold the buns!” So my advice? Don’t worry about it. I only go out to eat every so often and usually it’s because I’m getting together with friends or family, or celebrating something. Have fun, relax, eat all the breadsticks at Olive Garden.

Going Paleo isn’t easy, and it’s a pretty big diet change, so I respect everyone who does it, especially the really hardcore people who stopped drinking alcohol too. When I read that it doesn’t allow alcohol I was just like…

…so I kept alcohol. But all the other aspects of this diet I really like. I noticed a significant decrease in cellulite just within the first couple weeks of being on this diet. So I encourage everyone to try it.


Another easy one, cucumber cups with tuna.
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Super easy shrimp salad: shrimp, peach, hard boiled egg, and cucumber on a bed of spinach.











Stay healthy my friends,





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