What Kind of People Buy the Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts?

My recent addiction on Netflix (post Grey’s Anatomy) is Gossip Girl. Never thought I’d catch myself watching such a show religiously, but I have no shame. It keeps my attention so what can I say? If you aren’t familiar with the show, it focuses on the day-to-day dramas of the most privileged students of an exclusive boarding school in New York City.



So, what the heck does Gossip Girl have to do with Neiman Marcus’ Christmas Book and the fantasy gifts? Well, after watching so much of the show and realizing the amounts of money that these fictional families have accumulated and what seems to continue never stop, I’ve come to the realization that these are the families that purchase the absurd gifts on the fantasy list.

Being from Dallas, I’m not surprised when I see a Bentley or Maserati cruising around the Highland Park area and I did go to a private school with some students of very well-off parents and families. But are these the same people who buy the ridiculously priced and beyond luxurious products? I mean, someone has to.


A normal home in HP

The highly anticipated Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2013 is now out and available for those that can afford the merchandise, which is still beyond my affordability, but the part I want to highlight is the fantasy gifts. From an $11,000 futuristic exercise bike to the $1,500,000 “Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Experience” that includes two iPad minis for remotes – these gifts are mind-blowing.

For $344,500 you can purchase your very own Neiman Marcus 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish Volante, but if that’s not up to your standards, try the ForeverMark Ultimate Diamond Experience for $1,850,000. Like WHAT? You can watch videos about some of the products to get more of an explanation if the price doesn’t succeed in shocking you.


Neiman Marcus Aston Martin

Honestly, I just can’t wrap my mind around some of these gifts and the fact that there are actually people who buy them – people like the characters in Gossip Girl. If I had the ability to afford things like those, I wouldn’t know how to do it. So, enlighten me people. Help me understand where people get this money and how they have the luxury of casual dropping almost $2 million for an outdoor entertainment system. I’m fine taking my laptop outside for the “outdoor entertainment experience”. But, that’s just me. I guess it’s just a lifestyle difference.


that’s me


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