Monthly Archives: October 2013

Halloween Treats

I have the biggest sweet tooth so Halloween is the perfect excuse for me to indulge in eating candy and making Halloween-themed treats. However, for this post I want to include some unique recipes that will make you (or seem like) one cool cat. First recipe is a drink called Mexican Pumpkin Punch, which takes […]

Halloween Movies For Scaredy Cats

I love Halloween – the pumpkin, the colors, the introduction to fall, the dressing up, the spooky atmosphere, and did I mention the pumpkin?  Unfortunately, one thing I definitely don’t love is scary movies.  I’ve tried and tried to enjoy scary movies, but time and time again I find myself covering my eyes through the […]

18 Most Annoying Things About Being A College Senior

1. Endless stacks of job applications 2. Cover letters on cover letters on cover letters 3. Suddenly you get a reply e-mail from an employer, just to find out it’s an automatic response. 4. That horrible sinking feeling when you get an email that says “Thank you for applying, but we don’t have the right […]

Save a Life, Starve a Vampire

I did it for the first time on Monday. Gave blood that is. It was the most spontaneous thing I’ve done all semester, which actually sounds pretty pathetic. Truth be told I’ve *hopefully* done at least one other cool, spontaneous thing this semester, but I’m pretty proud of this one. No one can tell me […]

Comfort Food for Cooler Weather

One of my favorite pastimes, especially during fall and winter, is eating. Okay, it might be my favorite pastime during any season, but the cooler weather always makes me want to cuddle up with a bowl of soup or pasta. Anything with cheese and carbs, really. So, to honor my cravings and give you new […]

Friday Top Five – Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now

Hey everyone, Laura here.  Sorry I’ve been MIA the past couple weeks and being a failure at posting (Mondays are hard, y’all).  So since I haven’t posted in two weeks, I wanted to put together a little Friday Top Five and talk about some albums that I am obsessed with at the moment. While I […]

8 Things NOT To Do While Studying

So I’ve literally spent my entire day studying. As a result, it explains why I am writing this post so late but I know I’m not the only one up right now who needs to study. Before I fall asleep (probably as soon as my head hits the pillow) I have a list of things […]