My Top 10 OTH OTPs

For those of you who don’t speak internet, an OTP is a “one true pairing,” or two characters who belong together and whose fictional relationship becomes more important than anything going on in the real world.  For those of you who don’t speak perfect early 2000s teen drama, OTH is One Tree Hill, one of the most important and influential teen dramas of all time.

Although it came to an end last year after it’s 9th season (RIP), Tree Hill Ravens all around the world celebrated #OTHDay this week in honor of the show’s tenth anniversary.  One Tree Hill holds a special place in my heart as the first show I ever marathon-watched, clocking in 8 20+ episode seasons in about 2 months.  And this was before it was on Netflix, just saying.

To celebrate this monumental anniversary, I compiled a list of the most important OTPs that came out of Tree Hill, North Carolina.  Because everyone dated everyone it would be near-impossible to chronicle every relationship (and besides, who wants to remember Brooke and Felix – gross), but I’ve done my best to feature my favorites, and hopefully some fan favorites as well.

Deb and Skills

Of all the crazy relationships that happened on OTH over the years, these two getting together is pretty high on the list (along with Dan and Rachel).  But once you get past the creep factor of a young dude dating his good friend’s divorcee mother, they actually had a sort of sweet relationship, right?  Sort of?

Psycho Derek and Nanny Carrie

I know these two were never a couple.  They weren’t even in the same seasons.  But as arguably the most psychotic characters to ever grace Tree Hill (besides maybe Clay’s crazy ex), I can’t help but think they ended up together.  I imagine their dates involve insane crime-sprees followed by lots of angry hate sex in sketchy motels.  Just try to get that image out of your head.

Karen and Keith

Yeah, their relationship was pretty vanilla and adult-y.  Sure, Karen’s constant need to get angry at Keith for no reason other than to prolong their inevitable courtship was super annoying.  Like that whole drunk driving thing?  Come on, Karen.  But SPOILER ALERT Keith’s death was absolutely tragic, especially because things were finally starting to work out for him.  He finally gets the woman he’s loved pretty much his entire life, then BAM!

Brooke and Lucas

Everyone knew these two weren’t going to last because Peyton and Lucas were like destined to be together, but they were a fun relationship to watch develop.  Brooke grew up so much dating Lucas and her turning into such a powerful character wouldn’t have been possible without him.  And vice-versa.

Peyton and Lucas

Ah, one of the sacred ships of OTH, Peyton and Lucas.  TBH, I was kind of over them after a while – don’t kill me!  They kept letting other people, not to mention themselves and their stubbornness, keep them from being together.  And although I was happy to see them get together FINALLY, it was often a painful process rooting for them.

Brooke and Peyton

P. Sawyer and B. Davis represent one of the greatest TV friendships of all time.  They were far from perfect, they fought all the time, stole each other’s boyfriends, etc.  But when push came to shove, they would ALWAYS drop everything to be there for each other, no matter what was going on.  Except when Peyton didn’t go to Brooke’s wedding.  Still mad at you, Hilarie.

Chris Keller and Chris Keller

I don’t think anyone on One Tree Hill loved someone as much as Chris Keller loved Chris Keller.  He tried so many times to get with the ladies of Tree Hill, but the only person he ever ended up with was himself.  They’re perfect for each other.  Chris Keller is also the most loveable resident asshole around, and for that he gets an entire video of some of his best moments.

Brooke and Julian

Now for the big guns.  Brooke and Julian (plus the two couples that follow) are my top 3 favorite OTH OTPs.  These two were a long time coming, and it was so good to see Brooke finally end up with someone so great.  Julian was seriously the perfect boyfriend, husband, and father – everything Brooke deserved.  And please don’t talk to me about Sophia and Austin’s break up.  It’s still a sore subject.

Quinn and Clay

Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion because they came along so late in the game and aren’t originals, but I straight up LOVE these two together.  (Not to mention, they are adorable real life BFFs.)  They both came with a lot of baggage, but after some hard work they made such a perfect couple.  Add precious little baby Logan to the mix and there is really no competition, except for…

Nathan and Haley

Don’t even try to dispute me on this one because I won’t listen.  Naley is THE ultimate OTH OTP, and anyone who doesn’t agree can GTFO.  Seriously, if you are a One Tree Hill fan and don’t ship Naley, I don’t trust you and will not be your friend.  They made the stereotypical “jock falls for nerd” thing so much more interesting, so much deeper, so much more real than has ever been done before.  Through all their ups and downs – and there are a lot of downs – they always find their way back to each other, forever and always.  ALL.  THE.  FEELS.  (They also gave us Jamie Lucas Scott.)


Peyton and Pete Wentz

Ok, I get that music was a huge part of the show.  But seriously, what was this?  Like, I loved it, but it was also one of the strangest and most confusing OTH relationships of the entire show.  And that’s saying something.

Gonna go binge watch some OTH, I recommend you do the same,



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