3 Reasons Kanye West is the Best Kardashian

Everyone who doesn’t live under a rock has heard of the Kardashians. We’ve kept up with them for a few years now and the TV lover in all of us even has a favorite family member (mine is a tie between Kourtney and Khloe). Kim is the most famous because people think she’s the best looking sister, but everyone knows she’s annoying as all get out. She goes through men pretty fast but since hooking up with Kanye in 2012 it seems like she has mellowed out.

kayneKanye West is probably kicking himself for having a baby with someone related to Kris Jenner. Fortunately, though, he is not under her grasp at all and does what he wants when he wants: he recently convinced Kim to get her own publicist. Because I’m obsessed with his newest album, Yeezus, I came up with a short list of reasons why Kanye is the best Kardashian.

1. He’s famous for doing something.

Simply put, Ye is an artist and knows what he’s doing. He has released seven albums and collaborated with some of the best artists and producers in the industry. His lyrics have some deep meanings and crazy metaphors that can’t be understood unless they’re given some serious thought. His songs range from “Hey Mama” which is obviously dedicated to his mother to “Gold Digger” to “Bound 2” off his Yeezus album which is supposedly about Kim K. He samples clips from other artists on his tracks and the way he layers beats with lyrics is amazing. Kanye developed his own style of music and in this aspect, no one can touch him.

2. He’s BFF with Jay Z.

2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And Backstage

I wonder if Beyonce likes Kim…

I love me some Jay Z! I respect and love Beyonce, but if Jay said jump I would ask how high. He’s so amazing and has a mind for business. If we’re like the five people we spend the most time with I can only assume this is also true for famous rappers. Jay Z makes music, represents athletes, and owns a clothing line. They must be friends if they’re working in similar areas, right? Quite honestly I love the idea that Kanye and Jay Z hang out and do silly stuff together. Their relationship is mutually beneficial which must be why they work so well together. I hope they collaborate again soon because I would go HAM on that album (see what I did there…HAM…like their song).

3. He dabbles in fashion.


“Doing clothes you would have thought I had help/But they wasn’t satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself”

Kanye’s haters don’t just hate his music—they hate on his clothes too. He has designed some serious shoes for Giuseppe Zanotti and released the Air Yeezys with Nike…twice. His fashion line debuted at Paris Fashion Week in 2011 where Kanye was supported by designers and friends, including the Olsen twins (if Mary Kate and Ashley can support his line, I think it’s possible he may actually have good taste). Plus he made helped Kim clean out her closet and start from scratch, molding her into his perfect little fashion bunny. His own style seems a little strange but he has room to give. I think. I mean he probably needs to be wearing those leather pants in July, don’t you think?

I’m a newly converted fan, though. I used to think Kanye was arrogant and annoying—oh wait, he still is; there’s a song called “I am a God” on his newest album for goodness sake. But Kanye is the way he is because he’s an artist. People need a way to release their creative energy and Kanye explores his options all the time. One time he even bombed Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech…LOL!!





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