11 Signs You’re Addicted To Breaking Bad

Who else is incredibly excited for the Breaking Bad series finale next Sunday? I know I am. So if you’re like me and are hopelessly addicted to this epic show, then you’ve noticed some things you do in your daily routine that directly relate to the events on the show. Side note: if you are trying to learn how to cook meth then please seek help, because that is not at all what I am talking about.

1. You insert “bitch” into every sentence.

2. Someone knocks on your door and you’re like…

3. You want eggs, bacon, and Raisin Bran ALL THE TIME.

You also feel awkward and tense at breakfast.

4. When it gets close to dinner time you look at your roommate and say:

5. …and then you start cooking dinner in your underwear.

6. You start moving all your meetings to the local chicken place.

7. You’re on the phone with your mom and you’re walking through campus at night and she tells you to be careful and you roll your eyes and say

8. Every time you’re confused you just start screaming “THIS IS BULLSHIT.”

9. When someone asks you for a favor and you start thinking of all the people you know who could do it for you.

10. You start feeling like a bad ass every time you get in trouble.

11. Suddenly you hate math and science a little bit less.

If you’re not watching Breaking Bad, then you’re doing life wrong.




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  2. […] 11 Signs You’re Addicted To Breaking Bad (bornraised.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] 11 Signs You’re Addicted To Breaking Bad (bornraised.wordpress.com) […]

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