A B&R Update

Hello, lovely readers! For anyone who was concerned, we are in fact alive and well, despite having not posted anything for about two weeks now. Sorry about that. But fear not – we’re back, with a few changes, that is.

Firstly, we’re sad to report that Annie and Gretchen will no longer be part of Born & Raised. Their schedules simply don’t allow them the time to keep up with regular posting, so they’ve decided to step away. But as much as we’re going to miss them…

We are absolutely THRILLED to announce that our friend Marley will be joining us. For those of you who don’t know, we’ve known Marley since 1st grade, and she’s been one of our best friends since. We used to carpool together our freshman year of high school – cute, right?


Here we all are on our soccer team, the Sharks, circa 1997/8 maybe? Can you tell who’s who?

Marley is a journalism major at Oklahoma University (not Texas – ugh) and we’re sure she’s going to be such a great addition to Born & Raised. Make sure to check out our updated “Meet the Girls” page to find out more about her!

That being said, we’ll resume regular(ish) posting next week – Laura on Mondays, Marley on Tuesdays, Alayna on Wednesdays, Abbey on Thursdays, and Friday Top Four on Fridays (duh). We promise to try to post as often as possible, but bear with us when we don’t because we’re seniors and have to worry about like graduating and getting jobs and being grown-ups and stuff.

Finally, we just want to say thank you for reading our ramblings – we really appreciate it and hope to keep writing stuff that you enjoy!

Thanks for being great,

Born & Raised


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