Friday Top Five

Today’s Friday Top Five was put together by Alayna. It includes things she thought about this week, things she’s looking forward to this weekend, and a YouTube video.

College Football

Everyone loves watching a bunch of cute, 20-something guys hit each other and play catch, don’t they? This weekend is the first home game of the season for the Red Raiders. Tailgating, red and black clothes, and a good “Raider Power” chant during the game are literally all I am looking forward to this weekend. The new coach is opening up for all his students and boosters so I can’t wait to see how this goes.



Still summer, but not blistering hot. Almost autumn, but no freezing temperatures. Plenty of sports are happening, the weather is so perfect, and people haven’t yet turned into holiday season idiots. September is the best month in the whole year. And this is the first full weekend, so enjoy it. Also, like a million people have a birthday this month—me included—so that makes us like, really cool. Have you ever heard anyone say how much they hate September? No. Because it’s perfect.



This week I sent quite a few “professional” emails. I have to say that being professional and knowing how to take care of business is empowering. It gives me a kick in the butt to take care of the rest of my business that lasts me throughout the next hour…



Even with all the coverage this issue is getting, I’m still confused. Like, are we or aren’t we going to war? Are we just going over there to babysit? Will troops be deployed? WHAT EVEN THE HELL?! This Syria issue is great because it’s my attempt at staying up with world events. I try, but politicians are exhausting; thank goodness I have a friend who can fill me on the details because I ain’t got time for dat. Kidding. But I understand this could have real repercussions so at least it’s on my radar.

Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

TBT might be over, but it’s FBF, baby. This is such a freaking good album!!!! So many different sounds and vibes. So, yes, this is a shameless plug of my favorite music. (Some of the stuff people listen to now is complete shit. You should honestly be thanking me for including this.)





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