Dream Day

Today is Dream Day. It’s the 50th anniversary of MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Dreams are so crazy! We all have them, we all try to achieve them, to live them out, and unfortunately sometimes we don’t quite make it—but we can learn along the way. As an almost grown-up I’ve learned a few things about dreams, the ones I have at night and the ones I have for myself. (Have you ever remembered some totally random aspect of a dream? Look up the meaning next time. Once you read the explanation and think about how it relates to your life it will amaze you.)

dreams 4

MLK wanted to see people being treated equally. I wonder if we see that today…we might if we look hard enough and are inspired enough to do so. Gay rights? That’s still a thing. Racism? Also, still a thing. Education? Healthcare? Sexism? All still things! And while my thoughts about equality and justice are mine and most definitely not shared by everyone in the country, there are a few things we should realize.

There is meaning in everything.

One time I did my own tarot card reading (it seemed like a fun idea at the time) and my friend told me, “These are bull shit. They’re general so they can relate to anyone.” That really got me thinking and from that I decided that to see meaning in everything is truly amazing. It helps me stay focused and realize that everything I do will have a consequence, negative or positive. And because I see meaning in everything, I’m regularly forced to look at what’s going on in my life; analyzing something that happened and how it connects to another aspect of life is awesome! After reflecting and connecting dots in my own life I have made some pretty great decisions and had some great thoughts.

Everyone is someone.

That girl wearing an outfit that doesn’t match at all is someone’s sister. That guy laying in the grass at the bus stop is someone’s dad. That old woman driving slow on the highway is someone’s grandma. The best way I have found to stay grounded is to remember that everyone belongs to someone. I would definitely not be cool with someone dissing my mom just because she’s silly and quirky. I wouldn’t be okay with someone judging my family and friends because they choose to be true to themselves. Keep in mind that everyone feels similar emotions to the exact ones you have felt before. Being aware of the way others feel will assist you on the road to accepting people.

Be careful with your words.

Dreams are important to have.

Without dreams and goals where would you be going? Would you have a purpose? Would something push you forward in life? Probably not. I have noticed that whenever I’m doing nothing is the time when I’m most unsatisfied with my life. Having dreams and goals helps to keep life moving forward. They allow us  to grow in our knowledge of the world and of ourselves. Haven’t you ever set a goal? Didn’t you feel so great when you finally achieved it? Set a goal, dream something up. Then put yourself in motion to achieve that. You’ll grow along the way and if you’re open to new things, you’ll learn more than you expected.

Now we want to know: What is your dream? How will you achieve it?





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