Reality TV vs. Real Life

I love trashy TV. And I’m 92% sure that 100% of people have at least one trashy TV show they enjoy. E!, Bravo, and MTV are my channels of choice when I’m looking for a good laugh or an even better WTF moment. Seriously have you watched The Real Housewives of any city lately? Vicki is cool but gets passed off as a weirdo/control freak. And Gretchen seems cool but also thinks she can design and create make up basically because she’s on TV…leave that to the professionals, please. And Teresa? Lawdy that woman needs help. I can’t even bring myself to comment.

All the SNICK GIFs You've Ever Wanted!

How it feels to watch reality TV.

So by now I’m thinking you get it. Reality TV has made people crazy. I remember back around 2007 or 2008 I watched Real Housewives of Orange County for the first time with my best friend and her mom. We were completely enthralled and sucked in to whatever drama these fabulously dressed, foreign-to-us ladies had. About four or five episodes deep, we witnessed some kind of idiotic fight and all I can remember thinking to this day is, I seriously hope I never act like that when I’m grown up with a job, husband and children. I also thought that when Teresa from RHONJ flipped the table.

Me after hearing that you peed my friend’s bed.

How I feel when watching grown women argue.

But it’s not just the “housewives” (hello, most of these ladies aren’t even married). MTV gave us 16 and Pregnant and E! gave us those pesky Kardashians. Somehow in the history of television some genius idiot producer decided America wanted to watch some over the top person being over the top and two seasons later acting completely over the top in a completely unrealistic way.

Then I grew up. And now I have realized and keep realizing the reason America enjoys these shows (besides a good veg session on a Friday night) is because the people on these shows are out living life. They go on cool vacations, they enter pageants, they break free from a suffocating culture, they have sex, they go shopping, they write cookbooks, they marry singers, they do cool skateboarding tricks—they do a bunch of really cool stuff. And you know what people? WE CAN DO THOSE THINGS TOO!

Wake up and smell the reality, people.

This summer alone I went on two really cool vacations, went skateboarding, went rafting, got a job, went shopping, and a bunch of other really cool things. Those are all activities that somehow add value to my life, and I feel that is what people are looking for when they watch reality TV. Just because your daily routine may not involve waking up in a 15,000 square foot house (I’m looking at you RHOC Heather) where you put on Chanel slippers before eating breakfast prepared by a personal chef off Versace china, doesn’t mean your totally cool stack of vintage plates and bargain priced cheetah slippers aren’t totally the coolest. Find value in the things that make your life special.

Goose Attack!

Similar to what I looked like in a kayak.

Treasure the people you’re with, stick with positivity (unlike many people on reality TV), and only take part in activities that make you smile. These are some of the ways I’ve moved on from complaining about how bored I am, to evolving as a person and making memories. In 10 years will I seriously remember Kim K’s ugly crying face? Maybe. But more than likely I will better remember the time I went kayaking and had to use the bathroom so I straddled two kayaks and almost fell completely in some really sketchy colored water. A quality memory is something personal and something of value in my own life. That’s my reality.

kim k crying

But if you want to be on TV that bad, get a YouTube channel. People will watch anything these days.






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