Throwback Thursday: Alayna’s Summer in California

Today’s #tbt is my poem about all the things I did and experienced in California this summer, complete with pictures! Enjoy it with me one more time…

me beginning and end

I hopped out of the car in West Hollywood
Had no idea how bomb the summer would be.
From beaches to hills
And office space to traffic–
California dreaming is all I’ve done.

me and nick runyon

Santa Monica and The Grove, started off easy.
See the sights and take it in.
Where did all these people come from? Where will we all park?!

venice sign

I heard Venice was like mini Austin–lets go and remember Texas!
First Friday Food Trucks serving questionable food
But wait!
We can work it off at Runyon Canyon.
Check out that million dollar view,
Bright lights and a big city.

runyon panorama

Stay local, explore.
Find out what your neighborhood is famous for.
Hollywood Boulevard will entertain you
And we can grab pho at any time–last bowl 5 a.m.
Walking to and from, seems like I need a snack!
I think In N Out will do–plus they serve Dr Pepper. Yum.

Laura and me in Santa Monica

The beach? What is that?
It’s the edge of the country, you know.
We certainly don’t have that in Lubbock
Tan yourself and check people out
Don’t fall asleep and make sure to prepare
Sunburns are just the worst.

surfing competition

San Onofre and Huntington–check out the waves
Surf on over here and show me your eyes, red from all the salt.
Then show me around your world and I won’t ever want to leave.

this is the end mural

I may not be a Cali girl
But Cali is part of me now.
I’m different; brave.
And smarter too.
Texas it’s me, coming for you.





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