16 Dating Tips we Learned From the TV Show “Friends”

I attribute all of my dating skills (or lack there of) to the TV show Friends. I’d like to thank Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross for giving me some of the best and worst dating advice ever.

1. Always compliment the body

2. Always be mature.

3. Sentimental stuff is for wussies…


4. Maybe some confessions shouldn’t be confessed.

5. Always be aware if someone is lying to you.

6. Marriage is not for everybody.

7. Keep the cockiness to a minimum.

8. Break ups are hard.

9. Pick up lines work…sometimes…or maybe only for Joey.

10. It’s okay to cry sometimes.

11. Be honest.

12. Having a crush can be hard.

13. Take sympathy dates for the free dinner.

14. You probably shouldn’t role play in the office.

15. Sometimes it’s hard being beautiful.

16. And the golden rule: if you date Tom Selleck, YOU DO NOT BREAK UP WITH HIM.

Thank you my babies,



One comment

  1. Ohhhh Chandler Bing… Marry me!

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