Friday Top Five

TGIF, right? Especially because this Friday we are thrilled to announce a new feature on Born & Raised, Friday Top Five! Every other week, we’ll be putting together a list of our favorite things, sometimes themed and sometimes completely random. We’re so excited to be able to work on something all together (as opposed to our individual posts) and really hope you like it. If there’s a top five something you want to see from us, write it in the comments or tweet us at @born_raisedTX.

Our first ever Friday Top Five is a little unique, as it will actually be a Friday Top Four. Gretchen is currently running around China having an amazing experience learning and exploring, so she has been on hiatus and won’t be contributing to this list. BUT she has sent us her first Born & Raised post which will be going up on Sunday, so get excited about that!

Coming up with the theme for this week’s Friday Top Five was simple, as 1. We really miss Gretchen and 2. You guys haven’t really had a chance to get to know her. So, without any further ado…


1. Abbey – The year was 2005. It was a cold December night, and our 8th grade class had gone on the annual 8th grade retreat to The Pines Catholic Camp to “reconnect” as a class. Gretchen and I had bottom bunks right next to each other, naturally, as we were essentially the only normal people in that cabin. I’d like to add that during this trip, Gretchen’s mom fell into a cabinet and had to go get stitches at the local hospital–but I digress. One night at like midnight I’m sound asleep and all of a sudden I’m hear my name being called and I’m being shaken awake. In a daze I open my eyes to see Gretchen saying, “Abbey wake up! It’s snowing!” Being half-asleep still, I sat straight up, hitting my head on the top of my bunk and I fly to the window, again, hitting my head on the blinds. I open the blinds to no snow. I look at her and say, “it’s not snowing,” to which she simply replies, “I know, I can’t sleep.” The next morning I asked her why she woke me up and she said, “Well, I couldn’t sleep, so I decided you couldn’t either.” Thank you for your selfless love, Gretch. You’re the best.


Gretchen and I circa 2010. Gawd we’re cute.

2. Alayna – My favorite memory of Gretchen is literally every memory. I love her because we worship the Rangers together and cry when our favorite players get traded before we decide to hate them for the rest of time. But my ultimate memory with Gretchen was senior year of high school. Neither of us had dates to Sadies: Opposites Attract so we decided to go together. What would we dress up as? Why none other than the numbers 6 and 9. That’s right everyone, Gretchen and I decorated shirts and walked into BL as 69. Looking back, it’s kind of weird that we picked it…but it was funny as heck at the time! I was really shy in high school, but everyone knew Gretchen. So I got to be her funny friend walking around as the 9 all night, stopping to talk to practically everyone. It may have been weird, but it was something totally outrageous that Gretchen would sucker me into.

Throwback: Gretchen and me at Sadies. Good thing I'm Asian!

Throwback: Gretchen and me at Sadies. Good thing I’m Asian!

3. Annie – When I first met Gretchen we were in third grade and she was the star player on the Shamrocks (our rival soccer team). I knew she was a badass ever since the day I met her because everyone would talk about how good she was. Over the next few years we became friends and traveled in the same circles, always on the same sports teams.During my awkward middle school phase my dad was our basketball coach. He had high hopes that I could continue the Urbanus legacy of being a talented basketball player. After a few difficult years in the “LOSS” column, we realized that I was not going to be the top scorer on the team. That would be Gretchen.They became close friends because of their knowledge of sports and dry sense of humor. They would joke about sports and come up with the best play to run in the game. She was the daughter/high scorer he never had. The DPL days were rough for me but at least we got a few wins. And Gretchen and my dad still have a hilarious friendship. From teammates to roommates, we’ve come and long way and we still don’t hate each other. Cheers to a friendship like this one!

Gretch and I way too excited

Gretch and I way too excited at a football game during our freshman year at TAMU.

4. Laura – Funny thing about Gretchen and I’s relationship – for a large majority of our adolescence (and maybe a little bit of high school) I truly thought she hated me. Like many of our classmates, I was in awe of how tough and athletic Gretch was in middle school, and there was no time that was more evident than at recess playing dodgeball. Why I, an un-athletic, uncoordinated, and all-around awkward youth thought I belonged lined up against a wall trying to dodge a ball being thrown at me I will never know, but I did and Gretchen was the downright champ. None of the boys in the throwing position shook me to the core like Gretchen did. I finally realized that Gretchen didn’t hate me and we were actually really good friends, but I continued to be amazed by her athleticism throughout high school. Now at the pitcher’s mound instead of the dodgeball court, I remember watching Gretchen shine in the championship softball game senior year. That game she hit the most beautiful grand slam I’ve ever seen and it is still one of the highlights of my life. Yes, I said MY life.


See? We love each other.

We hope you liked learning about Gretchen and enjoy the Top Fives to come!

Until next time,

Born & Raised


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