5 Things I Miss About Texas

I’ve been in NYC for a little over a month and a half, and I’m having a great time so far. I’ve got a kick ass job, I love the people I work with, and I get to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. But, admittedly I have been a little homesick for God’s country (Texas, for all you fools out there who didn’t know). So to help remedy that, I’ve thought about all the things I miss about back home and have listed them here (in order of importance).

5. The Weather: Weirdly enough, I miss the weather. New York is at least consistent, I’ll give it that much. It’s always in the upper 90s, with 100% humidity that makes my hair look like I crimped it, so I get to work looking like a ‘90s pop star. So I’ve gotten a whole new appreciation for Texas weather. Granted, whenever friends come to visit me in Lubbock I always tell them to pack a parka, a swimsuit, a raincoat, and sunglasses (you know, for the haboobs that randomly befall us). But for the most part, it’s a dry heat, which I greatly miss. I think I sweat 10X more here in NYC than I ever have. So I miss you Dallas, land of sweltering heat with only 50% humidity, and I miss you Lubbock, dubbed the city with the worst weather in 2013.


4. Whataburger: Whether it’s a pit stop on a road trip, 2 am drunk food, hangover breakfast, or just because you don’t feel like cooking, Whataburger is the perfect solution. I know In-N-Out is good, and Shake Shack is pretty awesome, but they are about a fourth of the size of a Whataburger burger.

3. Happy Hour: Obviously they have happy hour in NYC, however I don’t find anything happy about paying an arm and a leg for a cocktail. I miss penny pints on Mondays at Bash’s (which I never went to, but you bet your ass I’ll be there come fall), I miss paying $2.50 for beers, $3 for wells, and $4 for shots with strange names where I’m pretty sure the bartenders just wing the ingredients. The happy hour I miss the most is at Gloria’s, if you like flavored mojitos their mango and strawberry mojitos are basically the shit. But I have to admit, the rooftop bars here are pretty amazing, and you can’t beat that view.

2. Tacos: New York does a lot of things well: public transportation, falafels, and night life (bars are open until 4 am which is equally amazing and horrible). But one thing they have not mastered is tacos. As soon as I get back to Dallas I’m going to Torchy’s for breakfast, Rusty Taco for lunch, Fuzzy’s for a snack, and Urban Taco for dinner. AND THEN when I get to Lubbock I’m going straight to Abuelo’s Taqueria. And I am going to eat my weight in tacos at each place.

1. Texas Rangers&The Ballpark: I really miss summer nights at the ballpark the most. Sure, I got to see the Rangers beat the crap out of the Yankees on their home turf which was the greatest feeling ever, but I still miss my Rangers. After all, we DO have the best looking team in MLB (Mitch Moreland if you’re reading this, yes, I WILL marry you). I feel so bad not being there that I feel like I need to call up Ron and apologize for my absence. I miss crying over $10 parking, sweating my ass off during the game, rooting for Daniel Boone in a foot race, singing “Deep in the Heart of Texas” during the seventh inning stretch, paying $15 for a beer, and then waiting in stand still traffic after the game. And I miss getting home, smelling like beer, sweat, and sweet victory. World Series 2013, here we come.

Missin’ Texas y’all,



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