’90s Music Monday – Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but unfortunately (?) I’m in California and wasn’t able to spend the day with my awesome dad.  Additionally, I am poor/lazy and so is my sister, so we didn’t get him anything to show him how much we love and appreciate him on his special day.  Worst daughters of the year, I know.  So to try and make up for all that, I am dedicating today’s ‘90s Music Monday to dear old dad.  While it’s not much for the human who literally gave me life, I hope you appreciate it all the same.

Growing up, I was crazy about my dad and loved any opportunity to spend quality time with him.  One of my favorite activities that we did together was Indian Princesses, which now apparently goes by the name Y Princesses or some crap, but I digress.  For those of you unfamiliar with Indian Princesses, it was a YMCA club where fathers and daughters would form tribes with other fathers and daughters, and the tribes would do all kinds of fun father-daughter activities, like camping, little wood car races, canned food drives outside the local Kroger, archery, dancing to YMCA, and more.

We looked a little something like this.

One of the most anticipated Indian Princesses events was the end of the year Father Daughter dance.  I was also a Girl Scout, so I got to get dressed up with my daddy and go to all kinds of Father Daughter dances as a kid.  And without fail, every single DJ at every single Father Daughter dance would play the mother of all daddy/daughter love songs – Bob Carlisle’s 1997 hit, “Butterfly Kisses.”  Bob wrote the song for his daughter for her 16th birthday (cute), and it quickly became THE song for anything daddy/daughter related.  I can only imagine the number of father and daughter pairs that danced to this song at weddings for the next several years.

For a little girl, there were few greater feelings than stepping on her daddy’s feet and being led around the dance floor to the lyrics “She was sent here from heaven and she’s daddy’s little girl.”  Year after year, my dad and I would perform this sacred ritual, him in his suit and me with my dress and the corsage he bought me.  Eventually, I got older and was too big to stand on his feet.  But no matter how cool my friends and I thought we were in our pre-teen years (side note – we weren’t cool, at all), dancing with dad to “Butterfly Kisses” just couldn’t be avoided.  And even though the bulk of the evening was spent giggling with each other and avoiding our “embarrassing” dads, those five minutes dancing with them were always the best part.

So dad, thank you for letting me stand on your toes all those years, it meant more to me than you know.  And you must’ve done something right to deserve a daughter like me.  Kidding.


The Born & Raised girls have some pretty great dads.

To all the dads out there – Happy (day after) Father’s Day,



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