Bad Boys of the ’90s

So last week I talked about the bad boys of the ‘80s, and now I’m going to discuss the next decade’s rule-breaking boys. These guys represent some of the best movies of the ‘90s, so if you haven’t seen these movies I suggest you drop what you’re doing and go find them and watch them.

Ryan Phillippe as Sebastian Valmont in Cruel Intentions (1999)






Okay, so maybe Cruel Intentions isn’t one of the BEST movies of the ‘90s, maybe it’s more of a good guilty pleasure movie, but nevertheless, Ryan Phillippe has our hearts racing as a rich boy who has mastered the art of seduction. He is definitely a rule breaker, wanting to hook up with his step-sister (weird). He’s ambitious on the verge of dangerous, but I think that’s why we like him so much.

Dante Basco as Rufio in Hook (1991)










RUFIO, RUFIO, RU-FI-OOOOO! Easily one of my favorite characters of all time, this guy has the piercings, the eyeliner, the red Mohawk, and the ripped leather pants. This guy is the gold mine of ‘90s bad boys. The ringleader of the Lost Boys, Rufio screams teenage rebellion. The whole movie he is trying to stick it to the adults (Captain Hook and his band of pirates), doing everything he can to not be one of them. The thing I envy most about him is his insults:


Edward Norton/Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden/The Narrator in Fight Club (1999)








First rule of Fight Club, you don’t talk about fight club. So much swooning for this dangerous duo. Edward Norton and his alter ego have bangin’ bodies and we get to see a lot of that in the movie (thank gawd). The whole movie we get to watch guys beat the shit out of each other, which in real life would really freak me out, but in this case I kinda like it. The intensity of Pitt and Norton in this movie is awesome. Girls like that (sometimes).


Matt Damon as Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting (1997)







“Do you like apples? Well I got her numba. How do ya like them apples?” CLASSIC line from Matt Damon in this cinematic masterpiece. Rocking the middle part, Will Hunting is a good looking guy who works construction sites with his friends. So rugged and manly. We fall for him when we see his inner struggles while he wrestles with his identity. And of course, when he falls for the girl and pulls that classic “asshole” move, but goes after her in the end.



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