Monthly Archives: June 2013

On Equality (And Why Gay Rights Are Stupid)

By the time this post is uploaded and you read these words, the Supreme Court of the United States will have made two landmark decisions regarding marriage equality.  However, as I sit and write this post, I have no idea what those outcomes will be.  And while I am fearful, I am equally hopeful that […]

’90s Music Monday – Nirvana

Today at work I had to write a short bio of an artist. Then I remembered I needed to write ‘90s Music Monday. Because it’s Monday I had zero inspiration. So my first move was obviously straight to Google so I could find out what musical things happened on September 24, 1991, also known as […]

The “Future” of TV?

I recently read an article on Mashable about a new “reality show” that is out this summer. I use quotations because it isn’t the traditional reality show we are used to, in that it is not actually being aired on television, but embedded on social media platforms. Once I read this I thought, “huh that’s […]

’90s Music Monday – Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was Father’s Day, but unfortunately (?) I’m in California and wasn’t able to spend the day with my awesome dad.  Additionally, I am poor/lazy and so is my sister, so we didn’t get him anything to show him how much we love and appreciate him on his special day.  Worst daughters of the year, […]

Why Dads are the Greatest

So obvs, today is Father’s Day—I know some of you are having that “Oh shit” moment because you have completely forgotten, well YOU ARE WELCOME for the reminder, and you are excused from reading this blog post so you can run and pick up some steaks or whatever. But really, let’s think about how friggin […]

’90s Music Monday – Game of Tones

It’s a sad day everyone.  Not only is it Monday (aren’t Monday’s the worst?), but it’s also the day after the final episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, and I am in serious mourning.  Even sadder, the show won’t be back until NEXT YEAR.  Why, cruel HBO gods?!  I want you back, […]

The Mildly-Serious Runner’s Guide to Running

Throughout high school and college I have considered myself to be a runner. Now I’m not up before the sun rises to get in a morning run, but I usually get in a solid 30-45 minutes a day and complete the occasional 5k or 10k. I don’t run to complete marathons (but I really hope […]