So Long, Dunder Mifflin: 5 Great ‘Office’ Moments


Today is a sad day. After nine years of filming, The Office will end tonight. It’s weird seeing a show end that I have been watching since I was twelve. I am not going to argue that it shouldn’t end—I definitely think it is time. While the show has certainly not been the same since Steve Carell left, I have still been a loyal viewer, never missing an episode. I’m sure the season finale is going to be an amazing happy ending to nearly a decade of filming. I have compiled my top five favorite moments from the show (which was REALLY hard), and have put them here for all you Office fans to enjoy.

#5 Michael hits Meredith with his car

Michael Scott was an integral part of the show for many reasons. He constantly had us doubled over in laughter, or, slapping our hands to our faces because we couldn’t handle the awkwardness. I’m sure all of you loyal Office viewers remember the episode where Michael takes out Meredith, the office drunk, with her car. Meredith’s face was priceless as she rolled down the windshield.

#4 Stanley doesn’t notice anything

One of the funniest Office moments was when everyone tries to see what Stanley won’t notice. Too caught up in his daily crossword, and the fact that he gives zero shits about anything, make him completely oblivious to his coworkers and anything happening around him. I love at the end when Dwight is standing there with a pony and Stanley just blows right past him. Please excuse the poor quality of this video, and the idiot laughing in the background the whole time.

#3 Dwight traps a bat on Meredith’s head

Part of the cause of Meredith’s rabies is when there is a bat loose in the office and Dwight goes after it and traps it on Meredith’s head. The whole preparation for it is hilarious—how he puts on his paintball mask and kicks open the door. Meredith screaming bloody murder. How red her face is when he finally pulls it off. HILARIOUS. I laughed for days after this happened.

#2 Jim and Pam‘s wedding

After seasons of will-they-won’t-they sexual tension, Jim and Pam finally get together and tie the knot. No one was happier than I was when they got together. Seriously, you would have thought Jim had proposed to me the way I reacted. But their wedding was definitely one of the best moments, hands down. When Pam ripped her veil and to make her feel better, Jim cuts his tie. I died. When Jim talks about how marrying Pam was the plan ever since he met her. I died. When Andy tears his scrotum in a dance off. I LOLed. But when everyone comes dancing down the aisle to “Forever” by Chris Brown and the scene flashes back to their private ceremony at Niagara Falls, it is one of the greatest moments in the history of television.

#1 Michael says goodbye to Jim

Alright, so really I don’t have a number one favorite moment—there are way too many. But, if someone were holding a gun to my head and I absolutely HAD to choose, it would be this one. In the episode “Goodbye Michael,” Michael decides to tell everyone he’s leaving a day later than he actually is so he doesn’t have to face the painful goodbyes. Jim, being the clever guy that he is, figures it out and confronts Michael in his office. This scene is so powerful because it feels so real. It really feels like two great friends saying goodbye to each other forever. I watched John Krasinski talk about it on Letterman and he said that that whole day of filming he was fine, but it finally hit him that Steve Carell was leaving while they were filming that scene. While super depressing, it is the perfect way for Michael Scott to exit Dunder Mifflin.

There are so many other Office moments I would love to write about, like when Michael steps on a George Foreman grill, when Jim kisses Pam for the first time, the Dunder Mifflin Olympics, the lip dub, the list goes on and on. But alas, I don’t think any of you have hours to sit here and read them all. The two-hour series finale is TONIGHT at 8/7 central, so don’t miss it, especially since Dwight and Angela are finally getting married. I am sincerely going to miss this show as it has been one of the greatest shows on television. So goodbye Scranton, catch you on the flippity-flip.



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