Mother’s Day: The Parallels Between Kitty Forman and my Mother

225px-Kitty_FormanIn honor of Mother’s Day fast approaching, I have decided to write about one of my favorite TV moms and the commonalities between her and my own mother. The mom I chose to write about is who I think to be the classic “mom.”








Some things she does reminds me a lot of my own mother, and the years of embarrassment I endured through middle school when she would drop me off in the carpool lane in her rollers. Gawd.


But in time I have come to appreciate my mother’s quirks, especially when I started watching That 70’s Show. I chose Deborah Jo Rupp, AKA Kitty Forman. Who doesn’t love this woman? She is the epitome of a 70s working mother, married to a hard-ass veteran with two polar opposite children.


Kitty works hard at her marriage and at keeping her family together, which isn’t always appreciated. All she wants is for Eric to stop smoking pot, her husband to go to church, and to occasionally pour an entire bottle of Jose Cuervo into a margarita. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.tumblr_mm30nleu9i1rkr36mo1_r1_400






Kitty is many things. She is the queen of puns. So is my mother. One of my mom’s favorite phrases is “chilly today, hot tamale,” while Kitty likes to refer to fondue as “fun-due,” (which is something I’m fairly certain my own mom has said at one point). Kitty loves to feed people, and is always in the kitchen baking something.  The first time I ever had boys over, my mom comes in bearing a  platter of goodies containing everything from cupcakes to pretzels to nutri-grain bars.  I’m pretty sure my mom got that from her own mother because every time we visit my grandparents the fridge is stocked as if the zombie apocalypse was upon us.

Kitty is mostly the mediator between her overbearing husband and her kids. I can’t count how many times my father and I have been in a screaming match and she sits there rubbing her temples. She often tries to interject with a compromise that almost no one is willing to listen to.






Kitty was also a working mother, as was my mom for a long time. It is no easy feat working a full time job and raising four kids. I hope I can balance the two at least half as well as she did. In conclusion, the best part about Kitty Forman is her laugh. How do you watch her laugh and not crack up yourself? Now, my mother definitely does not have the same laugh as her, but I love it when she laughs. My mom has the best smile and when she laughs her entire face lights up. It’s one of the best things about her.

Kitty’s Laugh

Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful mother, Kathe Daniel. I love you to the moon and back and your the greatest mom anyone could ask for!











Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!




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