Congrats to the Graduating Class of NOT US!

As the beginning of summer rolls around and college students everywhere start to hit the pools instead of the books, it’s hard not to look back and cherish the memories of the past year. Looking back at our memories from college can’t help but make us just a little bit nostalgic. The fun, the laughter, the drunken times, the free spirit of it all…we will truly miss it. Wait a second; we aren’t even the ones graduating? WHAT?

Oh that’s right, we still have one more year left. From all the social media commentary about how this school year is coming to an end, I just figured it was almost my time. But my main question: why is everyone already in a rush? If we have one year left in this place we call home, why are we spending precious time mourning over the time that has already passed? LIVE IT UP. We have one more year where the things we commonly do will still be socially acceptable. We can still get away with a lot just because “they’re in college.” This is the time to be stupid, to make mistakes, and to screw up. We’re young and on our own (but still get help from the parents every now and then) and this is the time to do all the crazy things we’ve ever wanted to. So take advantage of this last year my friends, because soon enough it will be us up there on the stage graduating. And after that it’s time to put on our big girl panties and be an adult. (And who really wants to think about that yet?!)

Adios my friends,


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