’90s Music Monday

If you know me at all, you know how obsessed I am with all things from the 1990s, especially the music.  If you don’t know me, take my word for it, ok?  And while I consider myself a ’90s child, I must admit that I was born in 1991 and thus didn’t discover and/or appreciate much of the musical genius of the time until later in life, but please don’t hold it against me!  There was punk, there was pop, there was hip-hop, and everything in between.  To honor the greatest musical decade of all time, I will be posting about my all time favorite 90s songs every – YES EVERY – week in a feature I call ’90s Music Monday.

image via tr3s.com

This week, I decided to start off with the indisputable kings of ’90s alternative pop/rock, Third Eye Blind.  Side note: Usually these posts will feature individual songs, but I just can’t get myself to pick ONE 3eb song, I mean Sophie’s Choice anyone?  To start my discussion about why Third Eye Blind is the quintessential ’90s band and how their songs define a generation, I want to take you all on a trip down memory lane:

The year is 2010 and little freshman Laura is sitting in her Physical Science class.  After making conversation with one of her classmates, she finds out that he just so happens to be the biggest Third Eye Blind fan of all time (shout-out to Luke Adams, I forgive you for almost making us fail that class), and after some sweet talking she convinces him to copy their entire discography to a flash drive – a grand total of 162 songs.

Upon listening to all 10.6 hours of sweet, sweet alternative ’90s melody, I knew there was something special about these guys.  Of course I knew their most popular hits like “Semi-Charmed Life” (1997) and “Never Let You Go” (1999), which are magical in their ability to make anyone stop what they’re doing and sing along.  Especially “Semi-Charmed Life” – how many of you guys remember finding out that those poppy lyrics you sung along to at age 7-10 were actually about sex and a dark crystal meth addiction?!  These guys are genius, y’all.  But beyond their breakout hits, Third Eye Blind have made some really incredible music, and continue to write, record, and perform today; in fact, they’re currently working on their last (ever!) studio album – I don’t want to talk about it.  And despite the fact that they’ve crossed over into the 2000s and are not exclusively a ’90s band, they have a distinct ’90s sound that simply can’t be beat.

I think my favorite thing about Third Eye Blind is their ability to take a really dark subject matter (a la “Semi-Charmed Life”) and turn it into music and lyrics that are beautiful, even ethereal.  My absolute favorite song that exemplifies this incredible talent is “Slow Motion” (1997), a different sound from not only the band but from the pop-driven music of the decade.  Despite it’s dark, violent lyrics, it became a fan-favorite, and rightly so.  If you haven’t heard it, you need to, like, right now.

I had a feeling this post was going to get lengthy, because there is so much to say about Third Eye Blind.  So to wrap this up, I need to come clean about something.  I lied when I said I couldn’t pick a favorite, because it’s hands down “Motorcycle Drive By” (1997) and it’s probably one of the most beautifully written and performed songs of all time, so I leave you all with this.

Until next time home skillets (wasn’t ’90s lingo the best?),


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