What life will be like in NYC

For those of you who don’t know, I will be spending my summer interning at VaynerMedia in New York City this summer. While incredibly excited for this opportunity, I am a little nervous being in such big and foreign city this summer. But, after watching copious amounts of Mad Men, I’m fairly certain I’m equipped to handle it. I have certain expectations of the city, and I will be sorely disappointed if it doesn’t magically make my dreams come true like Alicia Keys said it would.
My internship: Ideally, I’ll walk in an intern and walk out the president. But, I’ll settle for VP as well. I’m going to Don Draper the shit out of that place (minus sleeping with my all of my co-workers). I am going to keep a sixty-year-old bottle of Maker’s in my desk drawer and pour a glass after a stressful meeting. And then I’m going to spit it out, remembering that I hate whiskey.
Romance: Unfortunately, I’m no Carrie Bradshaw, therefore I will not be blogging about my amazing love life. What I see happening is this: I will probably meet a boy who is studying film at the NYU Film School. He’ll wear big glasses even though he doesn’t need them and he’ll ride his bike everywhere and keep a copy Of Mice and Men in his messenger bag. He likes to wear bowties and oxfords, and will have a rescue dog named Gatsby. His name will be like Fallon or something. He spends his Saturdays at art galleries, and I won’t join him because I think art is boring. He’s been working at Starbucks for the past three years and wears scarves year-round. And then at the end of the summer this weird romance will end when I go back to Texas. And then in twenty years I’ll see him on TV at the Oscars where he’ll win for some indie documentary about trees.
Life in general: It’s gonna be awesome. I’m gonna wake up every morning in my 5×5 dorm room where two other girls will probably be living, and walk to work on Park Avenue. I’ll go on walks in Central Park with Fallon and Gatsby. I’ll become obsessed with scarves and buy some hipster glasses. I’m going to get along great with my roommates and the other interns. I’m going to learn how to use the subway even if it kills me (which it probably will). And when I get back, I am going to be super pretentious and too good for all my friends…so bai.

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